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OWN YOUR HEALTH – OWN YOUR LIFE!  We’re on a mission to empower everyone to recognize their ability to take control of their health and their family’s health.  Let us tell you how simple changes can make all the difference. The Juice Plus mission is to inspire healthy living around the world.  Our company’s simple products have been around for over 25 years, and 39 studies have been published in top medical and health journals validating the positive impact they have on us.  

How many fruits and vegetables have YOU eaten today?  Join our Healthy Living Revolution – It’s time to TAKE HEALTHY BACK! Call me (606-706-0606) about speaking to you, to your group or organization, your team, your company, co-workers or staff, or your circle of friends.  Visit the website https://www.sdixon.juiceplus.com to learn more.

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White’s Woodworking

Starting out small in 1990, White’s Woodworking has blossomed into not just a respected contractor but a ‘go-to’ kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. What began as our professional dream quickly became a career reality.

Each year is better than the last, with clients and contractors coming to us because we do great work. And doing great work is the goal of any real craftsman, which fits us well as we are real craftsmen.

By mixing creativity and professionalism, we’ve built a reputation and a portfolio that truly is incomparable. It’s amazing how things turn out when you have a great attitude, a solid work ethic, and genuine skills.

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Liberty, KY 42539 

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