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Rural communities do face economic challenges that are not typically present in metropolitan areas.  The resources below provide a more comprehensive look at the types of challenges that the Chamber of Commerce works hard to address.

What Are Some of the Challenges Facing Rural Small Town America?
Source: EPA.GOV

The Current State of Rural America
Source: White House

Cost of Living Index Score Comparison
Source: Area Vibes

Strengths of Casey County

Casey County is conveniently located along major US Highway 127.  It’s ease of access, affordable and abundant real estate, and lower cost of living has attracted citizens from all over the world.  Casey County’s unique blend of beautiful rolling countrysides, wooded acreage and active wildlife lend to unforgettable scenery, all of which is just a short drive away from more metropolitan areas.

One unique way Casey County entrepreneurs have found success is through the utilization of e-commerce.  In fact, Casey County is the 7th busiest hot spot for online small business activity in the nation.  Local businesses are finding larger markets by providing products and services online as well as to the local community.  Also, local and nationwide “shop local” campaigns have been very successful here as more and more people make an effort to shop locally.  As a result, these consumer behaviors have strengthened the local economy.

We are confident that Casey County will continue to flourish and prosper in spite of any obstacle presented.