South Kentucky RECC

Nothing is more important for South Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative
Corporation than making sure you have electricity when you want it, at the best
value possible.
Reliable and affordable electricity motivated Wayne County farmers more than 76
years ago, when batteries, generators, or no power at all separated them from the
people who lived in the nearby town. They organized themselves into a member-
owned utility, or cooperative, so they could be part of American society and enjoy
the same comforts that electricity afforded others in the more urban areas.
Much has changed over the last seven decades. But what will never change is South
Kentucky RECC’s mission of making your power the top priority. Since 1999, that
mission has said, “South Kentucky RECC was formed for people, not profit. Its
mission is to reliably provide electricity and related services to its members at a competitive price, and to improve the quality of life in their communities.”
For an even better sense of South Kentucky RECC and the cooperative difference, we invite you to attend our annual meeting (held in the summer) for some important business, great entertainment, and to be part of the co-op community.

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200 Electric Avenue
Somerset, KY 42501 

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