Bluegrass Clinic-Liberty

Bluegrass Clinic is a shining example of a Rural Health Center that is blazing a trail to not only provide comprehensive family medicine, but also a topic focused group featuring lifestyle education and counseling.

Bluegrass Clinic was formed in 2001.  The Stanford Clinic became the first of the two clinics with the Liberty Clinic opening in 2009.  Bluegrass Clinic is making an impact to the patients of Lincoln, Casey, and many outlying areas in providing comprehensive family medicine with services to over 5,000 patients between the two facilities.

Under the direction of owner and Medical Director, Dr. Naren James, Bluegrass Clinic has grown immensely with 30 employees, 5 mid-level providers, and 3 Medical Doctors on staff, providing comprehensive primary care services, hospital, and area nursing home coverage.  Bluegrass Clinic has achieved all this in a short time through the vision, leadership, and deep faith based approach of its owners.  Bluegrass Clinic has embraced the electronic quality and practices of Meaningful Use and is currently working towards stage 2.  Bluegrass Clinic has embraced the quality initiatives that have been promoted by Managed Care Incentives and has recently joined with a ground level ACO startup.  Bluegrass Clinic is also active with the Kentucky Primary Care Association.

Bluegrass Clinic has embedded a Licensed Clinical Social Worker as well as two DNP’s with an emphasis on Lifestyle Therapeutics and Obesity into their Health Education model.  The focus is not only on traditional behavioral health interventions, but by learning to become more involved in behavior modification and education services to assist their medical patients who struggle to meet self-management goals of their individual care plans.  Classes currently offered are 8 Weeks to Wellness, Breathe-Free, Depression Recovery, Managing Diabetes and various healthy cooking classes.

Unique to Bluegrass Clinic is a resident chaplain that is dedicated to minister to clinic patient’s spiritual needs.  Providing Spiritual counseling, prayer services, bible classes, and home/hospital visitation helps Bluegrass Clinic accomplish its faith-based mission to help patients to “have life and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

Bluegrass Clinic feels that attention to the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients can significantly improve the prevention and healing of disease.  These processes are leading the way to be able to achieve chronic care management, and to fully work to coordinate their patients in transitional care between hospitals, nursing facilities, and back home on the road of good health.


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19 Abe's Plaza
Liberty, KY 42539 


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Casey County Health Department

The first health department in Casey County was located in downtown Liberty on Middleburg Street upstairs over the doctor’s office in what is now called the Foster Building. It was next door to the only pharmacy in town. In 1977 the Casey County Board of Health decided a new building was needed. This was completed in July of 1977. The new 3,805 square foot building came in at a cost of $139,354.00. In 2001, a 630 square foot addition was added at a cost of $ 10,000.00.

Casey County joined the Lake Cumberland District in July 1982. In February of 1987 the Casey County Public Health Taxing District levied the first public health tax at 2 cents per $ 100.00 or property value. The current Chair of the Casey County Board of Health – Dr. A.F. Brown – has served faithfully on the board since 1980. He also serves on the Lake Cumberland District Board of Health.

199 Adams St.
Liberty, KY 42539 



Casey Family Medical Center, Inc.

Our Family Caring for Yours

We have a vision for health care, and it starts with your family:


1.    Focused and effective care. Our providers communicate with you clearly and effectively to address your healthcare. With the support of Electronic Health Records (EHR), case management, and a competent staff, we are committed to providing exceptional health care services to patients and their families.

2.    Providers who care. Connecting with a provider matters to you. We emphasize the role of the provider, not just as a healer of individuals, but also as a professional team leader.  Your team consists of highly trained clinical staff, a behavior health specialist, and pharmacist. When you see a provider with Cumberland Family Medical Center, Inc., you receive the benefit of an entire team centered on caring for you, your concerns, and your health.

3.    Accessible care.  Cumberland Family Medical Center, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, established to assure that residents of our service areas have access to high quality primary and preventative health services regardless of ability-to-pay.  We serve 22 counties in south central and a portion of north central Kentucky.  Our medical centers work together and have access to the resources of the Cumberland Family Medical Center, Inc. network while maintaining the ability to provide individual and compassionate care to the local community.

4.    A leader in care. In 2017, CFMC, Inc. was recognized by the Department of Health & Human Services as one of only 57 FQHC’s nationally who rank among the top 1% of community health centers as a National Quality Leader.  Only one community health center in Kentucky received this recognition: Cumberland Family Medical, Center, Inc.  This is simple verification that patients of Cumberland Family Medical Center, Inc. are receiving the best care in the nation by a team of the best health care professionals in the state and across the US!

376 Randolph Street
Liberty, KY 42539 


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Liberty Family Medical Center


Monday – Friday:
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Primary Care Physician
Nurse Practitioner
Occupational Health
Drug Screens

Visiting Specialists in:

  • Podiatry
  • General Surgery


Douglas G. Irwin, M.D.
Jennifer S. Overstreet, A.P.R.N.
Justin Payton, A.P.R.N.

511 Middleburg St.
Liberty, KY 42539