Casey County Health Department

The first health department in Casey County was located in downtown Liberty on Middleburg Street upstairs over the doctor’s office in what is now called the Foster Building. It was next door to the only pharmacy in town. In 1977 the Casey County Board of Health decided a new building was needed. This was completed in July of 1977. The new 3,805 square foot building came in at a cost of $139,354.00. In 2001, a 630 square foot addition was added at a cost of $ 10,000.00.

Casey County joined the Lake Cumberland District in July 1982. In February of 1987 the Casey County Public Health Taxing District levied the first public health tax at 2 cents per $ 100.00 or property value. The current Chair of the Casey County Board of Health – Dr. A.F. Brown – has served faithfully on the board since 1980. He also serves on the Lake Cumberland District Board of Health.

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199 Adams St.
Liberty, KY 42539 

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