Pavati Tax Service LLC

Pavati Tax Service LLC (previously Joscelyn Consulting) has provided tax, payroll and bookkeeping solutions to Liberty businesses since 2004.

We use QuickBooks (QB) for Bookkeeping, Payroll Taxes and Sales Tax. Sandy Joscelyn was a Quickbook Pro advisor for 5 years. We offer training and customization’s in QB. We will set up your business and train your employees to use QB for your business needs.

Payroll Services offered:

  • Federal – W-4, W-2, 941, and 940 Form submissions.
  • Kentucky – K-1, UI-3, and K-5 (Annual Transmitter)
  • **NO Withholding Payments offered at this time.
  • Sales Tax Submissions

Tax Services:

  • Individuals – 1040, Itemized Deductions, Farming, Capital Gains & Other Income
  • Businesses – Sole Proprietor, Partnerships, Tax Exempt Organizations, Incorporations, Estates and Trusts
  • Enrolled Agent – We can represent a tax payer before the IRS in all matters except Tax Court, where an attorney must be present.
  • Electronic Filing)

Call (606-706-9850) or email (via website) for appointment

Owners: Sandy Joscelyn and Martin Riggs

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1978 Nubbin Ridge Road
Dunnville, KY 42538 USA