South Fork Kettle Corn Co.

What started out as just a small dream has grown to something almost much too big for our “little factory”. Our 200 square foot walk-up shop is the home to some of the finest kettle corn and treats in the state, but our shop is more than just a “food stand”. Everyday, we make loads of kettle corn that is shipped throughout our region. Whether it’s being distributed for fundraisers, restaurants, stores, or gas stations, we’re proud of our roots.

To say that the South Fork area is charming would be quite an understatement. On an average day, you’ll hear the clickety-clack of more than a dozen horse and buggies, see molasses being made first-hand, see boys and girls playing volleyball in the open school yard, or even watch an amish man weave baskets. Our shop is located directly in the heart of this distinctive culture – bringing treats to everyone local and state-wide. Come check out our area to see what we ALL have to offer.

Whether you’re wanting just a tasty treat or something more that will fill your stomach, we have some of the best snacks and sandwiches around.  South Fork Kettle Corn Co. is open Sunday 11a-6p, Monday 10a-6p, Closed Tuesday, Wednesday-Saturday 10a-6p.

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