Dairy Mart #62

Dairy Mart began back in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1949 when Charles Nirenberg decided to sell ice cream from a truck in the back of a gas station. After opening 60 ice cream trucks and having a small winter business that sold doughnuts and coffee, Nirenberg realized that there was a demand for convenience. He decided to open the first Dairy Mart in 1957.

By 1972, Nirenberg was operating over 30 locations and in 1975, he invested in a $2.6 million milk processing plant that produced frozen desserts and other dairy items to sell. In 1981, the company acquired Sunnybrook Farms and in 1983, Dutchland Farms.

By 1986, there were over 1,200 Dairy Mart locations and a few years later, the company began modernizing its stores. It never offered a Dairy Mart gas card, but it introduced a program called Make a Good Impression on the Customer, or MAGIC. It received awards for its customer service and today, it still operates over 600 stores throughout the U.S.

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